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Welcome to Vet Physio Kent. Nominated for Best Therapist of the Year 2023.

We offer both large and small animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Kent and the surrounding areas. 

Degree qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist with 20 years experience as a musculoskeletal therapist and the only Certified INDIBA Practitioner in Kent.  You know you're in kind, knowledgeable and experienced hands.

EQUINE - We specialize in treating Equine Back Pain and Sacroiliac (SI) dysfunction.

Alongside the effective treatment of soft tissue injuries such as tendon and ligament injuries or PSD.

CANINE - We specialize in the successful management of Canine Arthritis and successful Post-Operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation or those animals rehabilitating from Orthopedic or Neurological conditions. 

Our aim is to support owners manage their animals clinical conditions.

We aim to optimize performance and help to maintain a good quality of life with our 3 main Treatment Aims -

  1.  Pain Management

  2.  Restore Functional Movement

  3.  Strengthen and Condition

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your four legged friend.

INDIBA treatments offer a premium level of tissue resolution following injury and dysfunction. This unique treatment activates the body's natural mechanisms to regenerate and rehabilitate through cellular bio-stimulation, increased blood flow and pain relief. This treatment option is not only used in human health for top level, elite athletes but its scientifically proven to reduce the recovery time following injury, increase performance and stride length and aid tissue resolution and prevent re-injury in horses.

Specifically designed with horse riders and owners in mind. Riding and caring for horses is hard work, let alone the knocks, falls and broken bones! Sports, remedial and deep tissues therapy along with revolutionary INDIBA treatments. Therapeutic Ultrasound and Laser/Light therapy are also available to help ease musculoskeletal pain and restore function. Kinesiology Sports Taping may also be offered to help alleviate pain, support movement and reduce inflammation.

Canine physiotherapy is dedicated to restoring and maintaining mobility and comfort for your dog. Physiotherapy will maximize the performance of working dogs. It will support the rehabilitation of injured or post-operative dogs and assist with the conservative management of orthopedic and neurological conditions. With a specialist interest in the successful management of arthritis, ensuring your dog has the optimum level of functional mobility and quality of life.

Equine physiotherapy involves the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. Various rehabilitation techniques are used with the aim to restore an injured tissue back to full function and strength. Whether your horse is a top athlete or retired, physiotherapy will help to maintain your horse's musculoskeletal health, posture and overall wellbeing and performance 

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